The People's Chef

The People’s Chef is the premier provider of personal chef and in home dining services in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. If you have a culinary need to be filled, this is your best option. Chef Dominick Zirilli started The People’s Chef as a personal chef service in 2006 after creating meals and memories for a decade in some of the finest restaurants, hotels and clubs in the area.


What Can I Do For You?

The People’s Chef is not for everyone:

  • If you find yourself with a ton of time on your hands and love to battle the lines at the supermarket, spend a couple extra fill ups at the gas station and try to come up with new ideas and spend approximately 5-8 extra hours cooking then you’re fine…..Did i mention washing the pots and pans?
  • If feeding the family trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, empty calories and meals that probably have been made from less than perfect ingredients. I Can’t Help You.
  • When you have friends over for a get together would you rather cook, serve and clean up instead of enjoying time with them. You can always call them the next day and ask them if they enjoyed themselves and they can tell you if something went wrong or maybe they will just talk amongst themselves…OR FACEBOOK!
  • If you want to have a romantic dinner prepared for you at home by an inexperienced, culinary student and hope that it will be worth the money you paid. Find A Time Machine and Call Me…..I’m way past that point in my career but I do wish I was younger.


What Separates Chef Dominick From Other Personal Chefs?

Chef Dominick Zirilli earned the name The People’s Chef in 2005 while he was the chef of a well-known restaurant in Yardley, PA. He won Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best Entree 2oo6”, this is a yearly competition where the top chefs in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area compete against each other and are judged by culinary teachers, food magazine editors and food critics. Chef Dominick conducted dinners that were sponsored by wine and food companies where they looked for his expertise to masterfully bring the ingredients together